For sale is a complete 4x5 setup I have acquired over past 7 years. The reason to sell is actually a mix of several reasons as you can read here. This is a fairly complete setup - you only need to add a tripod and some sort of light metering device and you are set.

Please note:
- I will first try to sell the whole setup as one package. Please do not ask for a quote for separate items - I will post an update if I will decide to split the offer.
- If you have ANY questions just answer to this thread.
- If you want to make me an offer just PM me.

Photos of the items:
I will link only a few pictures here to keep the length of this post down, please look at my 'For Sale' Set over at flickr for many more detailed photos. Please do note the 'What is included' section below as I have more items for sale than those made available in this thread.

1000 + shipping (see below)
I am opened to reasonable offers, just send me a PM

What is included (see detailed descriptions below):
- Tachihara 4x5
- Feisol 3" quick release plate (Arca Swiss style) - mounted on the camera
- Fujinon 125/5.6 CM-W
- 4x5 BTZS Focusing cloth
- 3x Toyo 4x5 film holders (brand new)
- 2x Fidelity Elite 4x5 film holders (used)
- Unopened box Ilford FP4+ 25 sheets, Exp 12/2014
- Cokip P filter system + 121M filter
- 6x filters E67 (67mm)
- Horizon 4x loupe
- Cable releases + small accessories (not pictured)
- Large blue Novoflex lens/cmera wrap (for the tachihara)
- Black Lowepro Mini Trekker AW backpack

Detailed description of the relevant items:

Tachihara 4x5:
Red cherry with brass fittings. This camera was made in 2004. I am the second owned. It is in 9/10 condition. The only repair the camera ever needed was to glue back the left brass pin that locks the rear swing. I did it with Loctite glue some 4 years back and it is rock solid since then. I have only exposed some 300 films with this camera. Maximum extension is around 310 mm. I used it with lenses form 75mm (on recessed lens board) to 400mm (tele design), but the sweet spot would be 90-240. The Fujinon 125/5.6 and 240/9 (separate for sale thread) were a perfect fit.

Fujinon 125/5.6 CM-W: (SN: 750484)
This is the latest Fujinon lens and is up there with Apo Sironar lenses. It was my favorite 4x5 lens.The lens is mounted in all-black Copal shutter and comes with 3rd party Linhof-style lens board. The glass has no marks or scratches. The shutter works correctly. The lens comes with original Fujinon lens caps (very sturdy). The lens (with caps on) can be folded inside the Tachihara - you just have to mount it upside-down and inside-out.

BTZS Focusing cloth:
In a good shape. It is one of the smallest/lightest focusing cloths out there. Fits the Tachihara well.

Toyo film holders:
I bought these new in June, loaded with a film but never used. So practically brand new.

Fidelity Elite film holders:
These show usage marks - I have bought them used some time ago. Light tight.

E67 (67mm) filters:
These are all in a very good shape. The filters come in a stack with screw-on metal caps for protection. The following filters are included:
- Heliopan yelow medium (3x) filter, slim version
- Heliopan orange (4x) filter, slim version
- Tiffen circular polarizer
- Tiffen 812 (warming filter similar to 81A or 81B)
- Hoya neutral density (8x - 3 stops) filter
- Heliopan WZ Duto filter

Horizon 4x loupe:
This is a very good loupe for the money - decent optics and a square base (50 x 50 mm) that allows to put in in a corner of the ground glass. In a good shape.

Novoflex lens/camera wrap:
This is a rather thick neoprene wrap and with size of 46 x 46 cm it is large enough to comfortably wrap around the Tachihara. This is what I originally bought it for.

Lowepro Mini Trekker AW:
I bought it used but it is in a very good shape - close to unused. All accessories (dividers, rain cover) are included. The whole set as offered here can fit inside with enough space for 1 or 2 additional lenses and all the bits and pieces you may need.

Shipping & packing:
- I can ship worldwide - Shipping insured up to full value will be around 35 to 40 Euro within Europe (a bit less within Germany) The rest of the world - please contact me for a quote.
- I do my best to pack the items as safely as possible - you do not need to worry there.

Now a few pictures - you will find more in my 'For Sale' Set over at Flickr: