As a part of me leaving LF (hope to come back one day) I am selling my Fujinon 240/9 A.

SN: 521807
The optical performance of this lens is well know, so I guess I do not need to comment too much on that. The lens is in perfect working order with no blemishes or scratches. The lens is mounted in a silver-rimmed Copal shutter that works properly. The lens comes with original Fujinon lens caps and mounted on 3rd party Linhof Technika - style lens board. The lens is multi coated (All Fujinon 240/9 A lenses are, as far as I know). This lens covers 4x5 and 5x7 with plenty of movements and should cover 8x10 with little movements.

450 + shipping

Fully insureed shipping within EU is 17 , rest of the worl please ask.

PayPal or money transfer. If you would prefer other method please just ask.

Photos of the lens: