Hello again.

After some use I have some more questions about my camera.

The shutter speed dial seems to have some kind of bayonet fitting, just like many cameras. Is it just design or I can actually mount something there?

Is there any way to get 6x4.5 negatives from my 6x6 back? And are there any 6x4.5 backs?

Reading the manual, there is a reference for intermediate shutter speeds. However, I don't get the point, maybe a experienced user can help me.

I tried to remove the neck clips but they seem to be stuck, they rotate but they can't be removed. Like I saw on the manual, I have to lift the wings and it will be removed. Perhaps I am not doing it correctly?

On the helicoid unit, I can see 75mm. Will the same helicoid work for other focal lengths or there is another one?

I am a bit concerned about the accuracy of each shutter speed. Is there any way to check it? Or there is no need to worry?

From the first film developed and scanned, I find that using 1/30 and 1/15 speed (and probably slower speeds) the pictures seem to capture some movement. My tripod is not that good and I was wondering if my tripod is not steady enough or the mirror slap is causing that?

And a last one. During the foam replacement on the focusing screen, I placed the fresnel screen, rings side up and the matte screen, shinny side up. Is it correct?

Thank you for your time and sorry for the length