If you were to go to Rochester I think you'd find most of the Kodak jobs have long gone.

When I was last in Rochester I was told the figures, that was 19 months ago and there's even fewer now. But don't under estimate Kodak they are still a major multi-national corporation, perhaps though they should look hard at how they lost markets to Fuji so quickly.

Reasons are easy extremely cash rich company, but why have they made so many mistakes over the years.

Most have been film formats and the plain fact that the cameras were so small & light that they couldn't be used in anything other than bright light or flash because of camera shake.

However their disasters needed better films so we got C41 (+E6) then Tgrain technology, but Fuji caught up instantly.

Surprisingly here in the UK Kodak B&W papers have been extremely badly marketed and very difficult to buy consistently, so much so that I can't remember seeing them on a dealers shelf in the last 20 years.

So the reason to be surprised is Kodak has big research facilities here, and many of the new advances in film & emulsion technology came from them.

I guess they thought & actually had the market domination to just ride on their trade name.

2005 is reality