Continuing the gear reduction:

All glass is clean and clear with no fungus/scratches/major dust issues, all apertures are clean, dry and snap quickly to set apertures. I've used them all and been very happy with the performance, which is to be expected. Focus and aperture rings function normally and to the high Takumar standards. Bodies may show some sign of use (minor paint/anodizing loss on aperture rings mainly) but realistically, they are all in good to very good shape. Will ship with caps and cheap UV/protective filters until I run out of them. Filter rings are un-dented.

The 50mms are all the 7-element slightly radioactive design.


Leica Elmar 90mm f/4
Canon RF 85 or 100

I've done somewhere between 15 and 20 deals here on APUG and I'm on ebay under the same user name with ~50 feedback, all positive. Ships from San Diego, CA, USA and I will ship worldwide but PM for more info on that.

Super Takumar 35/3.5 #3765733: $50
Glass is clean and clear, this is the 1964-1966 version that goes to f/16
Tiny little lens (weighs 152g)

Super Takumar 50/1.4 #2210183: $75
Has older style engravings on the Auto/Manual switch, A/M instead of Auto/Man which is usually only found on the first 8-element version
f/2 setting on the aperture ring, not the dot like the later versions.
Still has some yellowing, which could be left or treated out with UV light.
Has been used, albeit not as much as the others. Works fine.

Super Takumar 50/1.4 #3144581: $75
Has been UV treated
Has one speck of larger dust inside, never have had it be an issue.
I've used this one a bunch, as did my girlfriend on her Spotmatic.
Has Auto/Man on the switch, and the f/2.0 dot instead of it being written out

SMC Takumar 50/1.4 #6645428: $100
Latest and greatest of the Takumar M42 50mms
Rubber focus ring, best coatings
8 aperture blades for smoothest/roundest out-of-focus highlight circles