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I hate that Kodak used the colon. The plus, which Ilford uses, is unambiguous. The colon is not.
I understand from a fomer thread that some chmists use the colon to mean something else. Kodak manuals almost always use 1:1 to mean One part stock solution to one part of water. Ilford instructions use 1+1 to mean the same thing.

I don't think I have seen the 1+0 notation on any packages but it would mean one part stock to zero parts water - In other words no dilution.

if you find the Kodak instuctions for D76 confusing, the Ilford instructions for ID-11 may be clearer, the two products are used the same. Ilfords version is mixed from Powder somewhat differently as it is packaged in more than one envelope. But the stock is generally equivalent to Kodak D76 stock.