I've got a Speed Graphic. I've got a bunch of random lenses, so I ordered lensboards to suit.

First fun problem: The 10" Tele-Optar, which on casual inspection appears to be sized for a #1 hole, *isn't*; it's about a freakin' MILLIMETER too big to go through. So I've got this nice lens, historically correct, distance scale for it already on the camera, but after a week of trying, I still can't mount it. What was done with these historically? Are there lensboards with a 45mm hole instead of the usual 43mm, and if so, why can't I find them? Or were they always mounted in shutters?

All right, so as it happens, I have a couple of brass lenses that front-mount conveniently in an Ilex #3 shutter, and I have an electronic Ilex #3 sitting around that isn't a useful shutter (it can't be triggered manually, except for the preview lever) but works fine as a holder for a barrel lens. The good news is that the shutter fit nicely in a #3 lens board, and after some farcical switching around of flanges from one shutter to another, I got it actually mounted. Trouble is, the shutter body is so big that I can't mount it on the camera; it collides with the little arm at the end of the linkage from the body shutter release!

Well, there are #3 lensboards for Graphics, so I can't be the only one who ever tried to do this. Is there a trick to release the shutter arm so it gets out of the way? (And while you might say "just mount the barrel lenses directly", and you'd have a point, I don't have flanges for them and I don't have lensboards sized for them, so I'd have to find more parts, and I bet you anything those parts wouldn't fit together as expected either! The Ilex is actually a sort of convenient lens adapter in some respects.)

My current plan is to have a fit of frustration, jump up and down a few times, then spend money I don't have buying lenses I don't need. That's a good solution, right? :-) But seriously, where do I find the odd-sized lensboards for the Tele-Optar, and how do I keep the shutter release from getting in the way of things?