Oops, Andy--I was just looking at the signature. And I have a very healthy respect for steam, having worked in a power plant.

Mardan -- "Berlin" -- beautiful. Wonderful tones and the soft lighting used so well. Not all postcards would I want to hang on the wall, but this is one.

Judy Higham -- "Hedy's Vase" -- Excellent! The highlights are just right--I always overdo mine. So badly that I am working on learning to develop by inspection. Right now I have an "F". I am anxious to find some low key subjects to see if I can handle them any better. You, however, seem to have captured exactly the highlights and maximum Dmax, and yet there is apparent texture in the cloth the vase is sitting on. Very elegant capture of a simple still.
Ed Higham -- "Tree Monster" -- I don't know about monster. I see a tree being born, but I admit the hair is pretty ugly.