Thank you. Now well into the process I am getting to some things that were beneath other things, to where I couldn't initially see them. In other words I feel it slipping away into confusion territory if I don't stop and make another scan and printed blow-up of where I am now. And of course, to continue layint the parts out on rags, in order. I can see myself able now to get down to the plate. And underneathe that plate I expect to find the shutter blades. That's what I'm after--those blades and their drive plate, or ring, or whatever you call it. I haven't decided whether to go further and fool with the diaphragm. As it is, I never had a complaint about that assembly.
But now I have to cook supper, so this may be a stopping point till tomorrow night. If I get it back together by the first of the week, I'll be happy. So far, so good. Had a tough little spring pop my finger a little, but that's because I refused to take my fingernail off the pivot point and let the spring fly away into oblivion.