A few nights ago I tried to duplicate the results I used to get with the old Fomatone emulsion. The good news is that it did lith. There wasn't as much color or infectous development, but it was still decent. It really liths fast....definitely do it with room temp developer. I experimented a bit with different approaches and the best I found was to use Moersch developer at 1:1:50 or so at room temp and use a Moersch Omega afterbath at 1:100 (I think a saturated Amonium carbonate solution would also work). then selenium tone it. The result is the reasonably fine grained (for lith), detailed lith that Fomatone was known for. What was missing was the yellow/orange highlights (usually toned those back anyway) and the bluish shadows. I miss those cold shadows. I have a couple of really lousy scans attached. The scanner picked up the Velvet paper finish with a blue tint, but you should get the idea.other herring factory workers dormitories.jpgother herring factory window.jpg