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Yep all frames turned out like that Its a Makina II and sourcing any kind of constructive clues for a service manual is proving problematic. There is a felted metal flap that normally covers the red window. The banding occurs the full length of the film so it seems related to the film being wound on. . .
please confirm are the rebates at the edges of film fogged or clear if they are ok it means the shutter rather than body/back...

the shutter could be running uneveningly or capping badly on my phone difficult to tell but looks like uneven running.

the distinction is made if the fogging is obscuring the image it is capping if the image is more dense it is uneven running.

the shutter might leak at either end of its run check by pointing camera at light for leak

probably lube turned to gum if uneven run and unless you have experience a pro service person necessary sorry.

Capping could be anything

if the edge rebates are fogged you need a dark room or changing bag to localize problem I'll tell what I'd do if you confirm edges fogged.