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T-Max 400 resolves about 75 Lp/mm, while t-max
100 resolves about 120, and even the grainy P3200 can resolve about 75 Lp/mm at MTF 50: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/profe...4016/f4016.pdf
I may have misunderstood the science here(quite likely) but the source you quote seems to suggest that P3200 has a resolution the same as TMax400 and is better than the colour film you give as an example.

I am particularly surprised that P3200 matches Tmax400 and beats I think it was Portra you mention

Good as P3200 is for a fast film my limited experience with it suggests to me that even at a 5x7 size print a P3200 neg doesn't match a TMax 400 neg

What's others' experience of this?