I think generally things have stayed pretty static in the last 3-4 years which is when I left d******l and came back to analogue - all started by a chance purchase of a Kiev 4 in good working order for a 5. I suddenl;y realised there was a world out there of stuff I could play with that wouldn't cost too much. It's harder to find the 5 items now - e.g. Zuiko 1.8 50mm. Usually make 20 wheras they were recently a 5, but other cheap Zuiko lenses - 135mm 35-70 F4 70-150F4 etc are still dirt cheap. The more sought after I think are up a smidgen. I think OM cameras are generally the same, except fully serviced known-good which seem to be making a little more than they did - this is all subjective, but I have been keeping my eye on them. However bargains are still out there.

I wouldn't worry about it - cameras are never going to be an investment. I am sure film will still be made by someone somewhere for the forseeable. Let's just enjoy what we have and take pictures!