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As an "investment," camera gear is highly unlikely to anything more than keep up with inflation. In bad times, demand really drops off too. You're much better off buying stock in companies like Union Pacific Railroad etc.

Kent in SD
It depends where and what you're buying or selling. I've just bought a job lot of mixed photo junk and it's worth a lot more than I spent. Most items need cleaning up or repairing. I took a risk because two items couldn't be seen clearly but.

I had my Rolleiflex 3.5E valued by Rollei 15 years ago at 750, that value dropped but I was told by a camera seller at an antiques market he'd pay 500 and sell it for 750, he knew I wasn't looking to sell it though. The camera cost me very little and I no longer use it much because it is partly an investment they won't drop in value again.