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I repeat, this is not fogging.
Bit emphatic if it reaches the edge of the film then the problem is not through the film gate between the feed spool and the gate or between the gate and the take up spool or loading onto dev tank.

So load the film onto the take up spool as normal but don't close back instead zip the film and camera into a changing bag with a pencil.

You then need to wind on the film until you are sure you have got past frame 1 in the dark then mark the left edge of the frame and the right edge of the frame on the backing paper and close the back.

Remove the camera from the bag leave it outside for a minute or two put it back I bag and wind on several frames mark with pencil as before. Remove from bag take a shot put back in bag wind to end remove camera from bag unload film and soup as normal keep backing paper to align backing paper with negative strip.

If you have no fogging then it may be a artifice of winding on.

If you have fogging then it should be easy to identify were it is occurring in the camera by aligning the exposed frame and the paper and the camera.

You don't have to do this exactly you can vary it the pencil marks and a single exposed frame are the key. But make notes of what you intend to do.