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I rather enjoy talking to myself as I hate arguments.
Man, I need your in-head-voices. I can't go 30 minutes without an argument breaking out. On the plus side, I never get out-smarted (so long as I keep my arguments inside my head, if I talk aloud my cubicle-neighbors get in on it, and they are fast & vicious buggers).

As for the OP, yea, I thought photography was always filled with big personalities. I don't think the current narcissism is photo-centric. Just look at all the pointless facebook/twitter/whatever posts. I remember reading a good article on the idea of the celebrity culture - with personal broadcasting at everyone's fingertips, everyone is now a celebrity in their own life. Narcissism and selfies are just extensions of that.

As for the MWACs, that's the price we pay for the democratization of technology. Personally, I don't really mind it. It made finding a wedding photographer much harder (so much crap to sift through). It has definitely changed the marketplace (how many professional photographers now make a large portion of their living by teaching and leading guided photo walks or vacations instead of stock photography), but change is not inherently bad or good, it just is. Some people will do better in the new environment, some people will do worse.