Hi, I'm looking for an 8x10 to do mostly waist up vertical portraits using a Kodak 12" Portrait Ektar mounted in a large Acme shutter (iirc Acme #3?). The lens is pretty substantial. I've been keeping my eyes open for a Gandolfi 8x10, but a nice Toyo 8x10 GII just crossed my path, and I'm looking for feedback on using that camera with largish lenses. The front standard appears pretty solid, but seems a little on the edge for larger lenses. I should add, that any camera I buy, I would like to be able to collapse sufficiently to get through carry-on on regional flights, maybe under the seat. Then, the holders and lens would go in a shoulder bag; tripod in checked bag. The Toyo is very compact when taken apart, which is why I'm considering it, plus it's just a nice camera to use.