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When I shoot films, I have been mainly shooting B&W and slides. I shoot mainly in XPan, 120 and 4x5 format. Haven't shot straight 35mm for probably 8 years.

I have a Jobo and rotary process all my films. I then scan using a LS-9000 (XPan or 6x7) or V700 (617 or 4x5)

Last few months, I tried color films, the XPan and 120 seem not to as sharp as the slides and B&W. The negs look pretty good exposure wise, and I am precise with water temperature and timing. I use a Kodal color thermometer and not the Jobo builtin temperature gauge. For testing purpose, I even have a lab processed one of the rolls and the results are similar.

So are color films (Portra 400) inherently less sharp than slide film or may be I am comparing apples to oranges or my process still need more tweaking?

I use the Arista C41 for color films, divided Pyrocat for B&W, and Tetenal E-6 for slides.

Contrast is one of the components of perceived sharpness. With colour, perceived sharpness may be affected subjectively by the level of colour saturation.

The Portra films are designed to be excellent for skin tones. They exhibit moderate contrast and saturation. So they exhibit lower perceived sharpness unless you adjust them for higher contrast and saturation.