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There is no reason to believe that this developer would do any better with pictorial subjects than any conventional developer. It's was designed to measure film speed and was not intended as a general purpose developer. As far as the slight speed increase reported this can be easily obtained with a phenidone based developer.
Actually it's close to other formulae in commercial production before the ASA speed system and it's chosen test developer were agreed on, Agfa 44 / Agfa Ansco (GAF) 17 is one of them. As you wrote in another thread 75-80gm per litre Sodium Sulphite is the optimum maximum level. When I used Adox Borax MQ commercially in the 1980's I supplied it to 2 commercial/advertising photographers who felt it was slightly better than D76.

A Phenidone versions would give an increase over Adox Borax MQ, ID-68/Microphen fits into this category, that's 2 steps from D76.