Well, there was also an April Fools joke based on that concept a few years ago, Re35 if i'm not mistaken.

Although that said, I believe what they've written on their site, that as there were so many people disappointed by i tbeing a joke, that there is probably a market for that sort of thing anyway. It couldn't have been done 15 years ago, maybe not even 5, but as an electronics engineer, reading about all these new things like graphene, curved oled, wearable plastic-circuits, I think this sort of thing may be possible in the next 10-15 years. I don't think it will roll up in the cartridge, too much chance to scratch the sensor, and it won't work with all cameras (that use the frame counter and auto-rewind), but it's possible.
Still, it's a long way off.
Lomos and Hipsters may be pushing a few of the price-rises of soviet junk cameras, digital-mirrorless-videographers may be pushing up old lenses, and newly-rich chinese-middle-class may be pushing up the prices of the old 'desirable-brand' collectibles like Leicas. But there are quite literally millions of old bodies and lenses out there, every week another old codger dies and his family throw his collection on ebay. The market is too big to make blanket assumptions, but in general (for lenses) I think we're past the bottom and nowhere near the top. The worldwide economic recovery is just starting, so if you want to invest, go get some old mint Leica and Rolleiflex bodies. If you want to get some 'was almost the best once' like FD and OM and Takumar, go get it, and shoot the hell out of it. If it doubles in price in 10 years, yay for you. If it halves in price, take the loss and average it over how many frames you've shot with it and you can easily justify such a small price...