There are not only whole different categories of film, but within each of these different categories many different specific products, each with
more than one way of using them. A color neg film primarily marketed for portrait use, like Portra 160, will be engineered with fine grain but
low contrast. That can be altered to some extent by how you print it; but it behaves differently than something like Ektar, which has been
engineered for a different range of potential applications, even though it belongs to the same general family by the same manufacturer. You
can take a black and white film like HP5, develop it in pyro, and it will look like utter mush under a high-powered loupe, if you compare it to
TMax 100. But when you print both of them at, say a 5X magnification, the HP5 will actually seem crisper or apparently sharper. Change the
developer or make significantly greater scale enlargement, the effect will be different. There are just way way too many variables to make
crude generalizations.