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The thing that got me on this is that I have shot rolls of Provia / Sensia 35mm XPan (35x66) format in the late 2000s in Japan / HK. I processed those rolls myself and I have 6 4+ feet long canvas prints hanging on my wall right now that I look at everyday. They are canvas prints so obviously we are talking about prints with texture. In any case, while I have not printed huge yet with the color films, but I just do not think the 35mm Portra 160/400 from the same camera/lens have that type of ... visual impact. The 120 and 4x5 of course do, but lets just say I am not happy with the 35mm color film and I want to know whether it's something I can tweak or I should "give up" on that process.
the only way you are going to figure this out is to actually try.