[QUOTE=Harold33;1553849]You are certainly right. But I'm curious to see the formula.

If you could find them, I would be gratefull.[/QUOTE

Ian had sent me the following formula for Adox Borax MQ developer a couple of years ago.

Name: Adox Borax MQ

Use/Discription: Prefered over D-76
Additional recommendation: Dilute 1 + 1.5

Mixing Order To make:1 Liter or
Distilled Water 52-c To Make: 750 mL
Metol 2.00 g
Sodium Sulphite (anhyd) 80.00 g
Hyudroquione 4.00 g
Borax 4.00 g
Potassium Bromide 0.50 g

Water to make Liter 1000.00 mL
Dev times are 10-20% longer, but there is a touch more speed 1.3 to 1/2 a stop. Ian