Thanks for the boost. But... I have always wondered about the 'left offset for Leica' idea with regard to these finders. All of the Zeiss branded finders seem to be right offset, but I have never seen a Russian finder offset to the right. Has anyone else? Plus, have a look at the lousy fit of this finder on both M-series and thread Leica (3rd and 4th photo respectively), versus the bang-on fit on the Contax. It seems to me that if the factory went to the trouble to retool entirely for a mirror-reverse Leica-fit finder, then they would have gone all the way and redesigned the shoe to fit the Leica. Clearly this is not the case here. In fact, if you are looking for a Leica-fit finder, then I suggest that you steer clear of this finder and others like it. They do not seat snugly on Leicas in my experience. They do seat perfectly on the Contax however. Have a look and let me know if your experience is other than mine.


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These are really good finders, and this is a very fair price. Works great with Leicas -- this version is in fact for Leicas and Leica copies (FED, Zorki) since it's offset to the left -- does not block the shutter speed dial.