The paper is Fomatone 133 which is their semi-matte finish. The streaks in the sky weren't on the neg. I decided a long time ago to enjoy the unexpected with lith....sometimes the "flaws" work in the image. I thought that the image came up reasonably fast...similar to the old Fomatone. I thought that Tim's newsletter said that the paper didn't have true lith behavior. From my experience it definitely has infectious development, but as Dan mentioned, it isn't as gritty and not as "convincing". The only papers I am aware of with more "lithy" behavior are Slavich and Fomabrom. Both of them are very gritty and difficult (not impossible) to get any meaningful midtones. For me, that leaves Fomatone and Ilford Warmtone so I am very happy to find that Fomatone can work. I really hope Adox gets the Forte Polywarmtone resurrected, though!