Just shot this for the first time and I am really liking the results thus far. I have not yet had a chance to print them so I can't say anything definitively yet, but looking at a loupe on the light table, the results are very much to my liking. For some reason, I am getting the kind of contrast that I like in a negative (and that I *think* will print the easiest) using an EI of around 64 and 15 mins at 68F using Ilford's agitation regime (4 inversions at the top of each minute). Grain seems fairly minimal (I am shooting on a 501c/m - 80 *T on a tripod), but I don't mind much grain in the first place, and the grain that is there is actually very pleasing to my eye. Plus, I can't see these ever being blown up to anything beyond something like 12 in. square.

Anyways, thanks to you guys for all the great information you continue to provide to the new kids on the forums.