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I mostly shoot with dslr's/slr cameras (Canon 1ds mk II, Canon 1v, 5d mk III with battery grip), never felt any special attention, except from the times I use my white lenses on them. (canon 70-200 f2.8 L mostly).

However, I've been on two outings with my Rolleiflex'es in the city.
- Both times I either got loooong looks/stares or had to start lecturing people about what this actually was.

The most discrete you can use now-days, is a small DSLR/SLR or a black compact, they are everywhere.
Humm, I'm mostly ignored with either 35mm or my M645. The Yaschicamat 124 gets admiring looks and comments, but I've never had to lecture anyone on what it is. They all know it's a camera, and an old one, though those who stop to talk are surprised when I say you could get one almost just like it except more black, less chrome and a few different internal gears, brand new into the 90s.