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As a mom who's been using a camera since she was about 5, I'm putting in a vote here to stop blaming "MWACs". I see it coming from males on photo.net and elsewhere at least as often and I doubt that moms have cornered the market on underpricing themselves or over-rating their abilities...
I agree 100% about the gender of those doing such. I was probably wrong to use the term MWAC. Of the 80ish such folks around our region, 70ish are female, so the term stuck. It's not meant to be misogynistic. And it's true, the best ones are women, as well.

As for several others who are upset about the MWAC/Soccer Mom "bashing," the simple fact is these folks don't seem to be hurting the studios. I'm not blaming them for ruining anyone's business. We have a few studios here, and they do great work and are not complaining about the competition. Folks know who to go to for good photos and who to avoid.

As I said, I'm not a pro. My photos are not the best around. I did point out that we show our work, especially where like minded folks gather, to get feedback and to grow in our photography.