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I noticed something unusual today. Someone gave me a very nice Nikon n90s + lenses for free so I took it out for a try around town. Now I usually shoot 6x6 folders or small 35mm rangefinders so most people don't even notice my camera. I'm usually as invisible as someone taking pictures with their cellphone. But once I started shooting the big Nikon I noticed that I was getting a lot of looks from other people taking pictures. It was making me uncomfortable with so many people checking out my camera, some people were even watching to see what I was taking pictures of with such a camera. I didn't know if they were judging me or just curious. It does look a lot like a modern DSLR and has a somewhat "professional" look to it I guess, I don't know if that had something to do with it. Never have I experienced this with my usual smaller, older cameras. Does anyone else get this with SLR's?
Very rarely, but then I use 60s Nikons with primes, no zooms. Now if you want attention, get out there with a mahogany 8x10 on a big tripod.