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I got a nitrogen tank for $60, a regulator for $40 and a refill for $14. The setup will last near forever andin nonexplosive.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only "crazy person" doing this. I invested about the same amount way back in 1975 for air brush purposes. When I suggested using this setup for topping off developer on rec.photo.darkroom, I recieved a lot of criticism for having "dangerous" materials around. Of course any material under high pressure deserves careful handling but I know a lot of artists who use bottled gas. I use Argon. It is as cheap as nitrogen and more available around here, with all the welding and boats et c.

I use two regulators: one for gross bottle pressure and a second in series for more exact work. The second regulates from 2 to 50 psi and yields repeatable results with the air brush. Two-stage regulators are available at a higher cost. I have not done air brush for a decade now. Anyone interested in the equipment?