Trying to let go of a bunch of small items and make space.

If you buy multiple items I'll definately do discounts!

Shipping is extra. Paypal or money order preferred.


Nikon 55mm f/3.5 non ai Micro w/ bubble $45

Nikon Coolpix 5000 (w/ 3 batteries, charger, slide copying adapter, battery pack grip, and more) $35

Nikon Coolpix 8400 (w/ two batteries, charger, car charger, wireless remote, box and more) $60

Nikon DK7 eyepiece adapter (in box) $10
Nikon MB2 battery grip for MD3 w/ aa battery holders $20
Nikon DL1 phonemic illuminator (non working, some external corrosion - in original box, with instructions) $6
Nikon 52mm snap on lens cap (in box, 70's vintage) $3
Nikon MS5 AA battery holder $5
Capro ( EPOI) soft release for Nikon in original package $5
Nikon HN12 lens hood for polarizing filter ( w/ instructions)
Nikon AS7 flash coupler for F3 $18
Tamron Adaptall 2 Nikon AI mount w/ caps $12


screw mount extension ring set (3) $10
Pentax Lens hood (in box w/ case - unused ) $5
Pentax 35mm magnifier (in box w/ case - unused) $10
Pentax No. 1 Close Up Lens (in box w/ case - unused) $10

Takumar 50mm 1.4 hard case w/ strap and body cap and rear lens cap (near mint) $15


Mamiya clamp on TLR lens hood ( for 80mm, 105mm, 135mm on C220, C330) mint in case $40
M645 Super Slide Cutter (in box) $10
Mamiya 645 Auto Extension Ring Set ( No 1, 2, 3-s) $50
Mamiya RB / RZ Gelatin Filter Holder 77mm (w/ 77mm to 67mm step down ring) $10
Mamiya L Grip w/ trigger for C series TLR's and RZ / RB $10
Mamiya RB67 rubber hood for 127mm - 250mm lens $8

Vivitar 283 flash (missing front piece on sensor - just cosmetic ) $8

Yashica Close Up lens No. 2. 55mm w/ case $5

Metz package below (all you need except the head itself, plus a new battery) $45

402 battery pack
402.12B AC adapter
5320 60 series dry fit battery (in box)
403.6-1 flash mount
snap on wide angle and diffuser attachment w/ colored (red, green, etc) filters w/ case
Assorted 3 prong cords