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As Miha states 1 Litre of chemistry and 4 rolls of 35mm equals 500ml of developer to 500ml of water for 4 rolls of film. This is 125ml of developer per roll. Can I take it this is inside your safety margin.
This probably depends on the nature of what you are photographing. If the shots include a lot of bright, high key subjects, there would be a much greater chance of running into problems with developer exhaustion, than if the shots included large areas of dark shadows.

It may be that your preferences in photography factor in as well - wandering through your APUG gallery uploads I note very few images that I would describe as high key or predominantly based on bright highlights.

And of course if, like I do, you shoot shorter 35mm rolls (24 exposures is my favourite choice when bulk loading) then that tends to get you back closer to the manufacturer's recommendation.

I am inherently conservative about things like capacity, so I am more likely than some to add extra safety margin rather than count on using as much of the margin as possible.

This is probably part of the reason I use HC-110 in a replenishment regime, and have a selection of sizes of tanks to choose from.

I don't doubt that your experience leads you to an appropriate conclusion for you. I'm just suggesting that it is a good idea to recommend caution to others.