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Ok, I won't go nuts. If I don't exceed 2x TTC, do you think I'll be ok?

I want to thank you all for your input.

Forgive me for this, but I'm going to put a question back on you. If your final fix silver concentration went up to, over 1 g/l, would this be a problem for you?

My point is that checking the first fixer for "exhaustion" doesn't really say very much about the silver level in the final fix tank. My GUESS is that it COULD exceed the number I gave without you knowing it. Given that there recommended numbers have been published, it would be nice to know what you actually have. (Silver estimating papers are the only sensible method I know for a small user, like most people here; even for a pro lab.)

Without any knowledge about this, it's probably best to periodically test the actual film/paper for adequate washing (and perhaps fixing). Note post #11, where PE said, "...but I have found that the retained Silver test and the retained hypo test are the best."