I haven’t commented for way too long. In that time, I’ve enjoyed the arrival of a dozen more cards:

kraker - “Old Chestnut Tree” - A beautiful cyanotype - almost jewel-like
JimO - “alienis” - A moody and wonderfully uncertain image
megzdad81 - “Morning Ride” - Really makes great use of sun and shadows
mooseontheloose - “Haew Sai Waterfalls” - A very nice print, from another exotic and interesting location. I always look forward to Rachelle’s postcards
drpsilver - “Reflection” - Intriguing and complex combination of many elements. It made me think of the really difficult year Darwin has been dealing with. All the best, Darwin
hbooks - “A Dog in Port Aransas” - Excellent for a first print, and you can’t go wrong with a good shot of a dog!
ndrs - “Collodion Hat” - Makes me think of magic, and only partially because of the hat
BoxBrownie - “Merry-Go-Round” - My first reaction was it looked like winter light, which started to make sense when I saw it was from Australia
ozphoto - “Stonehenge” - I especially liked receiving a colour photo of Stonehenge in an APUG exchange - the temptation toward black and white was well resisted
Oxleyroad - “Steam” - A really interesting detail of a fascinating subject
George Nova Scotia - “Reflections” - A title just one letter different from Darwin’s - and yet a really different approach. Nicely printed too
rince - “Naked Lady” - I really like the angle of view, and the contrast between the figure in front and the background. Another excellent print as well

That's twenty down, and just four to come (Stephen Frizza, Christopher Coy, trsvax, and djhopscotch)

Thanks everyone for participating.