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<Si Robertson voice>Hey! Sometimes I'm a DWAC (Dad With A Camera), Jack!</Si Robertson voice>

Seriously, nothing wrong with getting pictures of your kids, so long as your not an a** while doing it.

For those not in the know, Si Robertson (Uncle Si) is one of the stars of A&E's "Duck Dynasty." According to him, purnurple [sic] is a color.

The point isn't that it's parents taking photos of their own children. We all do that.

The point isn't that the self-proclaimed professional photographer is hurting anyone's business. Real pros are faring quite well around here. People know who provides quality, and who doesn't.

The point was that people have more access than ever to technology, and are rushing to say they're professional. You wouldn't call yourself a professional electrician because you have some wire and tape, would you? I've noticed that the majority of these folks are trying to supplement their income and fill their time with something. They often seem proud to say, "I'm a professional photographer."

I've had these WACs say that to me, then ask me why I don't use digital. When I tell them I have a digital camera, they ask which one. When I say the Canon 7D, they seem perplexed that I'm not using it to be a pro. They suggest just that. They say things like "Maybe you can be a pro like me." I usually just say I make my photos because I love doing it. Then they ask if my camera will shoot in color or only black and white. That last one I was asked over 50 times this summer.

The whole MWAC, DWAC, whatever WAC thing refers to this type of mentality and is not meant to bash anyone. The democratizing of technology leads to this attitude. It was going on in the early 20th century, too, and will continue to. Bill Gates is vilified by Apple and UNIX/LINUX users for creating a system where everyone can use a computer with little to no training. The UNIX/LINUX guys were like the old sage ones, without their knowledge nothing could be done. Now it can and they didnít like it. As things settled down the disdain for Windows remained, but life went on. That will happen with the whole WAC thing.