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Which new emulsions brought Lupus Imaging to the market??
First they sold films produced by Agfa/AgfaPhoto then films by Ferrania and Fuji.
Now most probably added by Harman (I assume those latest two AgfaPhoto films not to be significantly new emulsion, which has to proofed though.)
I think the evidence leans to the new APX films being new emulsions albeit they are probably fairly close cousins to the Rollei RPX films, the Kentmere films and maybe Ilford Pan 100 & Pan 400 (sold only in certain markets). Simon Galley of Harman has said in several threads here that they don't relabel existing Ilford or Kentmers films for others, and I would accept that statement at face value. One advantage of the Lupus offerings is that, at least in the UK, they seem to be more readily available than the Rollei films, and in some places fractionally cheaper than the Kentmere films. Anyway, at the end of the day does it really matter? It's an additional choice and available at a reasonable price and personally I don't object to that!