Film for the Minox will be $10 per roll. Some sites are charging up to $25, so this is a deal!

I have three (3) rolls of color, ASA of 200, 400 and 800. I have 8 rolls of ASA 100, 3 of ASA 400.

If you're looking for vintage boxes for display purposes, I have a few of those:

Submin Film.jpg

The two in the lower left date from 1988; the Tri-X Pan dates from 1962 (has 2 rolls; one of Tri-X, 36. exp., and one of Minox manufacture, 50 exp.); not sure of the date of the AGFAPAN (contains a cartridge with film, but the small, exposed part of the film is damaged).

$5 each for these display boxes. I wonder if the 1962 film is still usable; a former GF of mine had a roll of 9-yr-old Kodak film developed (had been sitting in a bathroom drawer all those years), and about half the images were there! Might have more luck with B&W!