Hi. My first post here, and I just need some basic MF help.

A friend of mine asked me to sell his (deceased) father's camera equipment. I buy & sell lots of 35mm and digital stuff, but I'm unfamiliar with medium format equipment.

Before I sell anything, I like to verify it's operation. One thing I was having trouble with, was getting the shutter to fire. The advance would just wind and wind, and never stop. Then I read that film needs to be loaded in the camera for it to fire. Is this correct? There were 4 rolls of film in the bag (all expired no later then 1970), and when I loaded a roll, it seemed to work. I know you're probably saying I answered my own question, but I just wanted to confirm that this is the correct way for it to operate.

I'm thinking about taking one of the other rolls and doing a little shooting with the camera to make sure there are no light leaks etc. I've used film before that was expired by 30 years, with decent results, so I wouldn't think there would be too many problems with 40 year old film. Is there a trick to loading the film easily? Sorry, if this is incredibly basic, I just know nothing about MF.

Oh, the equipment is - Bronica S2, Nikkor 75mm, Nikkor 200mm, Waist level VF, Prism VF, and 2 6x6 backs. All of it is pretty close to new condition, which is cool.