I just took a look at KEH.com for the Sinar F, and they had the following: F1 body, EX, $249; Lensboard, EX, $31; Fujinon-W 150mm/5.6 lens, UG, $99. So, that's a little more than $400 (I have 2 lensboards), and my lens would rate as EX. Add in the extension tube, and KEH might ask about $450. B&H is asking $100 for a pair of new Fidelity Elite film holders, and I'm offering EIGHT in my listing. While they're not new, they're not UG either! At just $10, the outfit price would be in the $500-525 range.

I need the money, so I'm going to drop my Sinar F outfit price to just $450! I'll also drop the Seneca outfit price to just $400.

That's as low as I'm going to go on both items. Buy now! First one to pay (plus S/H, to be determined later) gets it! Pay via Paypal to: dr.david.child@gmail.com.

Don't forget to take a look at my 2nd listing as well! A LNIB Minox B for $100 (and I have film for $10 a roll), a NIB black Minolta-16 with a sales receipt dated Aug, 1959, plus much more! Christmas is coming, and some of these would make great gifts! Unusual cameras for unusual people!