In the end it probably all a matter of personal taste whether you prefer the modern T-grain films like Ilford's Delta 100/400/3200 or the more "vintage" types like FP4 and HP5 (or equivalent from other manufacturers). I'm a Delta 100 & 400 user as I don't care for a vintage look. I want fine grain and sharpness and the Delta 100 & 400 films in DD-X or Perceptol work for me. I haven't experimented with other films or developers. Since you'll likely be competing with digital, I think that you should probably aim for the latest (and greates?) in film technology instead of vintage. People can always back off a bit and pursue the vintage look. Maybe spend a bit of time showing the difference between the T-grain films and the "vintage" type films. Or see what's locally available (if any) and stick to that. That will give your club members a chance to continue with the materials that you teach with.