All the single use cameras are for color print film and rely on the overexposure latitude of color negative film. If you reload with a slide film you run the risk of overexposed, thin washed out slides. If you happen to hit just the right light conditions you might get away with it.

Yes, there have been several sites on the web showing how to re-use single use cameras, try a goggle search. They all start out with the film on one side of the camera and as you expose and advance the film it gets rolled back into the cartridge. So you usually have to work in total darkness to pull the film all the way out of the cartridge and roll it up tight to put it in the feed chamber and then close the camera back up, all in total darkness.

Just get a Konica C35 or other simple auto only compact 35mm RF or VF camera from the mid 70's to mid 80's. Shouldn't cost very much, perhaps $20~$40 and be careful to keep it away from sand and seawater. If it does get trashed or bashed the slide film in it will be the most valuable thing you'll lose.