Date 10-6-13, 2-4 days later than last post. People are waiting to read about this No 2 Graphex-X project for 135 Optar. It has been a pretty tedious project, which I followed exactly by the manual available online. I allowed no mistakes, and fortunately, there were none. I did a perfect job, and made no mistakes (uncommon for me). I was only concerned with that, regardless of outcome. But the outcome of it was no change. Disappointing. I only have proper accuracy at speeds 25 and 50. The slow speeds are still too fast, and the fast speeds are too slow. BUT, what I have here is a properly cleaned and lubricated mechanism. This provides a solid basis for swagging/filing of the speed cam (dial). And upon inspection I observe a previous service person has piddled around at this, but did not complete it properly. He swagged (raised cam surface) on the slow speeds, and filed cam surface on the fast ones. He should have done the reverse.
I should point out for future readers that of the several shutters I have tested, that the top speed as marked on the dial is rarely much faster than the next to last. (400 in not much faster than 200). When you see 400 or 500 at the top speed on an iris shutter, just laugh, because it isn't so.
For those of you with manual in hand and waiting for me to report it's accuracy, it IS pretty accurate. I caution you to pay careful attention to reassembling the part called "Blade lever spring". Be very careful to check for its ability to pivot when the screw is tightened down. This requires patience and a light touch. You can easily bend it while tightening the screw, and lock it into position, denying it of its needed movement. The result of this will be destruction of this spring in a short period of time. This spring is irreplaceable. Foul up this one step in the reassembly process is to ruin the project and throwing the whole shutter in the garbage.
This shutter project is not for the inexperienced worker. It was only because of my many years of electronic, mechanical, and automotive repair that I dared tackle this project. Beware.