Heading out this am to do some shooting, and trying to decide on which Nikon to use, I found myself thinking back to a question I posed here some time back regarding the storage and rotation of camera bodies. When does GAS become a problem?
Or more narrowly, how many bodies - in a particular format - is too much? The impetus? I have reached a point with my Nikons that I almost have to resort to leaving a written reminder as to when a particular body was last used! My F6 is always loaded with E100G; an F5 always has E100VS; and one of: a second F5 (x3)/F3HP(x3)/F2(x3)/F2AS(x4)/F2A(x3) will always be loaded with HP5/Tri-X.

Why so many Nikons? I have tried to justify with a number of answers: 1). New professional 35mm SLR cameras are virtually non-existent ( i.e. so I need to make sure I don't run out (LOL)); 2). I like cameras, much like some folks like guitars or model trains, etc.,3). Prices are so low, how can any one resist a bargain ( I have picked up three F3HP bodies in the last two-and-a-half years in the sub-$100 range; one of my F5s was $212, the second was $230 and change); 4). I shoot both color and black and white - sometimes concurrently - so I need several bodies; 5). Even Nikons break down/wear out, so... and, 6)."3" allows me to try out a number of cameras that otherwise I would not have bothered with.

All said, the issue of "too much" aside, I have, by my own admission made only one questionable purchase, camera wise: the F4s. I ran a few rolls through it, gave it away to my sister who returned it after one roll, then donated the beast to Nephew 3 who, after two years (?) has yet to even put batteries in the thing. Today he asked if I wanted it back (he prefers the F3HP I gave him).

So...do others here ever question the size of their photographic "stash"? Any regrets? Do your "justifications" parallel mine? Do I/we have to justify why GAS leads up to make the purchases we do?