Hi all,

I've got an older Graflex 22 roll film back, with groove instead of ridge for older RB Graflex cameras, that I'm not using. These are kind of hard to find so figured I'd get it into the hands of someone who'll use it. This back is for the smaller 2x3 cameras. Works well with no problems that I've seen. I'd been using on an old 2x3 RB Glaflex that I've since modified and so I no longer need the back. Dark slide had a small hole that I patched with epoxy. Works fine and the slide goes in and out smoothly. Asking $175 + shipping via UPS Ground ($12)
20131005_165134.jpg 20131005_165205.jpg

Also, I've got a Zeiss C Biogon T* ZM for Leica M mount up on the auction site at the moment. I know a lot of you here are Leica shooters as well. If you're interested in this lens, you can contact me here to buy or make an offer and I'll take the listing down. HERE is the listing.

If interested in either of these let me know