In less than a year we're going to be going "on the road" full-time, and so lots of things in the house have got to go. That includes most of my cameras. I'm clearing my camera closet and am going to reduce my (personal) cameras to just one or two bodies and one or two lenses for each. In the interest of size and weight, and because I like shooting them, I've decided to go with rangefinders. And, after a few years of reading and research, I'm going to start with a Canon P as my main camera. I may add something like a Leica IIIc down the road, just because I really like shooting with older cameras like that.

Now, I just need a 50mm lens to go with it. Cost is an issue, so new, modern LTM lenses are out unless someone just gives me one. I'm looking for something in about the $100 to $150 range. I've looked into the Jupiter-8, which seems to be in my range, as well as the Industar lenses. I really like the look that the Summitar lens has, but a.) it seems to be out of my current price range, and b.) it won't safely collapse into the Canon P body. Ditto for the Elmar 3.5. Any thoughts on those, or recommendations for others?