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I'd be interested in the Minolta submin film if you would separate that out. I can't swing the whole set, although I would love to. Great looking little rig!
I'll do $15 per roll without purchase of a camera. Even though it's all 2-3 years out of date, it has been refrigerated ever since I purchased it new. Prices for the vintage/display boxes are the same.

Any type of Minox film is hard to find! The only kind I found was some color at $25/roll, so my prices are looking good, even more so if you purchase a camera! I have the LNIB set for $100USD, and another camera/case/chain/manual without a box for $75USD.

My Paypal account is dr.david.child@gmail.com. Include a note with your payment for the type of film and number of rolls.