When I could afford it I had no problem accumulating all sorts of gear, including multiple bodies of one model that I really enjoy using. Especially when they're going for fire-sale prices. Now that money is more of an issue for me I've been selling off gear that I don't use, with further whittling down to come. I've decided there are some EOS bodies I simply can NOT do without (RT, 7NE, 1V), the Contax gear is staying with me come hell or high water, and the FD gear will never go on the block because I have so many really fine lenses.

I can't bring myself to sell off the Minolta gear because I really love the XD-11, though I haven't used any of it for a few years. I've shot one roll through my RB in the last year, and it should go, but I really want to give it a good workout first. I haven't used the Pro TL for quite a while, though I don't know why not; it's a great system, and if I had to keep only one system I'm afraid that'd be the one.

I did manage to sell my Nikon gear a few years ago, but reacquired an N80 recently because I missed it and I really LIKE that camera. I also managed to donate about 2/3 of my P&S collection, but have kept far too many and need to do some further weeding.

But I've sure enjoyed trying out all the different gear, even if it has cost me more than it's been worth.