For sale, a quartet of rare and unusual Folmer & Schwing, and Graflex cameras (its time to thin my herd). In the photo below, from left to right, a Graphic No 0, an RB Series C, Military Pacemaker Speed Graphic, and RB Cycle Graphic (Folmer & Schwing Manufacturing NYC). Serial numbers (approximate) on the first is under 96000 (ca 1920), on the second 172000 (ca 1930), the third 904700 (ca 1954), and the last 5900 and change (ca something pre 1900 perhaps). The C, of course, comes with the Cooke f2.5. The Cycle comes with a 8 1/2" Dagor, serial in the 140000s. The Pacemaker is ex-military, and also ex Interior Department. It comes with a very battered Haliburton case with military markings. The Cook elens aperture works perfectly. The front cell unscrews easily. I couldnt remove the rear one, or the lens body from the mount, but I didnt try very hard.

Looking for:
Graphic 0 $175 (includes some nice camera leather since the camera is missing its leather except on top and bottom)
RB Series C $1375
Pacemaker $300
Cycle Graphic $350

I'll be posting more photos of all of them soon.


IMG_9314 by Fotoguy20d, on Flickr