Hey everyone. Glad to see such an active forum! Happy to be here.

My name is Zac. I graduated from SCAD a little over a year ago with a BFA in Photo. I currently work in Atlanta as a hardware support specialist and rental manager at a local medium format camera dealer. After being on that side and helping clients achieve super high resolution (80 megapickles+) I'm turning the other way and getting back in to 4x5 film for philosophical and artistic reasons. In the not so distant future I hope to be working in wet plate collodion.

In college I shot a lot of 4x5, some 11x14 (when money allowed), as well as some tintype. I desperately miss spending all day in the darkroom slaving over prints and hand developing 11x14 negatives.

By the end of the month I'll be able to call a 4x5 Titan field camera my own and get back to shooting large format. I don't have easy access to a dark room, so printing will be a challenge, but one I'm looking forward to.

I'm applying to a few schools this year in hopes of pursuing an MFA in the fall of 2014 in order to teach. I'm looking at Oregon, RISD, and Stanford to name a few (suggestions more than welcomed).

I'm looking forward to lurking around the forums and learning/catching up on developing/printing techniques and getting my feet wet in developer (not really).

Below are two of my better 11x14 experiments.

Thanks for reading! War Eagle!

tumblr_lw5kkvMtDO1qdur40o1_500.jpg tumblr_lvz8umhB8Q1qdur40o1_500.jpg