Shawn, Windisch claims that D25 is derived from his W665 formula but without the Ortho-phenylene diamine.


Sodium Sulphite (anhyd) 90g
Ortho-phenylene diamine 12g
Metol 12g
Sodium metabisulphite 10g
Water to 1 litre

Windisch's own developer similar to D25 is:


Sodium Sulphite (anhyd) 65g 93g
Metol 8g 11.4g
Sodium Metabisulphite 7g 10g
Water to 700ml 1 litre

Windisch published W22 to make 700ml of developer, I've added the figures to make 1 litre.

This one is also listed:

Metol Sulphite developer

Sodium Sulphite (anhyd) 50g
Metol 2.5g
Water to 1 litre

It pre-dates the Kodak D23 formula. It's in both my earlier copies of "DIE NEUE PHOTO.SCHULE, Die Technik"